The Trilinq Condo Located at Clementi Town and Clementi Mall

It is no secret that you need the best apartment for your family; an apartment that meets your modern day needs. But with the staggering lists of such estates, getting yourself a thrilling one could be gnawing.

You should consider an estate that meets your infrastructural needs but doesn’t compromise on safety. You should bring in entertainment into the mix, you don’t want to be seeking them outside the estate. It is a sort of an inconvenience. This is where the Trilinq comes in. It offers all you sure would like to see in an estate.

Trilinq Condo Near to Clementi Mall

A home of entertainment: shopping and entertainment have never been better with the Trilinq. One thing that makes this estate the best in such aspects is its strategic location. On one end, the estate is a few meters to the popular Clementi Mall. This is where all your shopping needs will be met. On the other end, there is the Cinema Mall. We also have the Jurong Gateway. This means you will not get any far to shop even the rarest items. The Trilinq is also located next to The Clematis Condo by SingHaiYi Group

The Trilinq Condo Facilities and Serene Environment

Trilinq Condo Vantage: The Vantage in the Trilinq is out of this world. The design bears a party pool incorporated into it. The gardens are just magnificent. This means that you won’t have to move out of the estate to experience that relaxing feeling you crave for. All you will have to do is to get a friend and enjoy the spectacular view provided by this Vantage and have that evening well spent.
The Oasis: Virtually every aspect in the Trilinq was well thought out. The oasis provides a serene environment. Everything here seems to be between you and nature. Nothing else and you get to enjoy that feeling just within the estate. There is no need to seek such adventures in the outside world.

The Activa: overall wellness is what the Trilinq owners have at heart. They believe that you deserve nothing but the best in virtually every aspect of life. This is why the estate features an Activa where you get a comprehensive experience tailored to your fitness needs.

Schools Near to The Trilinq

Schooling for your children isn’t anything to get worried about in the Trilinq. The neighborhood boasts high-rated schools both at primary and secondary level. Tertiary institutions are also nothing to get worried about. There are nearby centers offering that. We have a number of polytechnics and technology and science centers. Then we have the National University of Singapore which is located just a few miles from the Trilinq.

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