Park West Enbloc by SingHaiYi Group

Among the bestselling Enbloc sales, Park West is ranked the best-selling in the history. Attempts to sale this amazing asset have failed twice, the SingHaiyi group finally made the third attempt successful at a price tag of 840.9 million dollars! It’s projected that another 290 Million dollars shall be used in the upgrading program. This amazing property comfortably stands in 633644 square feet of land and the leasing history traces its roots back to 1982. Its location is at Jalan Lempeng around Clementi MRT station.

Park West Enbloc by SingHaiYi Group

SingHaiyi land and the SingHaiyi wealth are the mutual owners of this stunning acquisition with each having a 50% ownership! The property’s shareholders and the directors are controlled by the couple; Gordon Tang and Celine Tang. Park west enbloc had little restrictions having followed Singapore’s land authority with an authorization of a 99-year lease. The new development name for Park West Enbloc is The Clematis by SingHaiYi Group.

According to the marketing agent, Park west Enbloc is forecasted to yield more benefits due to its greatest potential of redevelopment. Its strategic position that lies at second best Singapore CBD and the location along the one North road Park and the projected KL high-speed rail even adds more to the advantages that this amazing acquisition will possess. The Park west Enbloc will provide the SingHaiyi residents with the best residential place that ensures upgrade in business.

Park West Enbloc Great Potential for Redevelopment

The majority shareholders of the park west enbloc now enjoy even a better return opportunity following the company’s decision to offer investment shares that go up to 806 million rights shares! They are now sure to utilize the opportunity to raise their wealth since they deserve a priority option!

Park west enbloc enjoy the best potential for growth and it’s the developers’ top target this 2018!among the best reasons that make it a better target includes its best asking price, the strategic position around the best cities including the condo, the best schools around the park west enbloc! It should be noted that the government of Singapore now have plans to establish the second CBD at the site! The high-speed rail terminal station and the malls that are just at this amazing place places the park west to rank best at the developer’s first priority considerations.

Schools Near to Park West Enbloc by SingHaiYi Group

West zone is now a congested zone making park west enbloc the only space left with better improvement projections. The Clementi primary and also Nan Hua primary are working distances from the condo! This will be an amazing opportunity for the park west to provide better provisions for this families to safeguard the students! Park West enbloc is surely the best and the most enticing acquisition at the west zone around condo! You really need to be among the happy residents enjoying the best that park west can offer!

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