Clementi MRT Station Singapore

Clementi MRT station lies in the East-West direction of Clementi in Singapore. This is a raised Mass Rapid Transit. One thing about Clementi MRT station is that it borders the popular Clementi Mall and the Clementi Bus Interchange. These three now makes the ITH, a short for Clementi Integrated Transport Hub.

This is how the Clementi MRT Station came into existence: It all began in 1985, May when the construction contract was awarded to LKN – Aoki venture. After the necessary preparation, the construction kicked off and by December of 1987, the construction company had completed it. The Clematis is a new development as well by SingHaiYi Properties that is close to Clementi MRT Station.

Clementi MRT Station on East West Line Singapore

It took another two months for this station to be commissioned. It was officially opened in 12th March of 1987. This was the second phase of the proposed Mass Rapid Transit line. This phase joins two regions; the Outram Park and the Clementi. And it features a light blue color painted in every part of the station. A series of events and adjustments have taken place in this MRT Station making it more efficient. The Clematis by Sing is located at Clementi MRT Station together with other real estate developments

Accident at Clementi MRT Station

One is the accident happened in the morning of 5th August of 1993 that shaped the operations in this station. The accident happened following unexpected technical itches of two trains. The first one took more time as recommended in the station which would now be hit by a second train which could not respond to the braking right just on time. This injured 156 commuters with 8 of them being admitted to three hospitals. The remaining had mild injuries and were attended to on outpatient service. Luckily, all of them did not develop any major complication as a result of the accident. Upon investigation, there was no observed negligence by the train drivers and the accident was just inevitable. Strict service delivery was then launched to prevent any such inconvenience from happening again.

Clementi MRT Station Installed with Screen Doors

Previously, Clementi MRT Station did not have screen doors which are important to protect the commuters from falling. This has been solved after a series of consultation between the Jurong East and the Yishun Ris. In 19th April 2010, the process of installing such screens begun making the station safer than before. This station also features fans with low speed but with high volume. This started on 3rd October 2012.

There are other aspects that have also made the station more efficient. We have the screens that ensure the privacy of the commuters. These screens also ensure that the noise from the neighborhood does not affect the operations in this Mass Rapid Transit Station. Overhead bridges have also been constructed in the station ensuring a seamless operation.

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