One North Business Park Located at Clementi and Buona Vista

One North is a business park meant for research and innovation purposes which are situated in Queenstown, Singapore. This park was developed and master – planned by JTC Corporation for the purpose of high-quality research and development in the fields of media industries, infocomm technology (ICT) and biomedical sciences. One North Park was officially launched in the year 2002. This park was actually master planned by the Zaha Hadid architects in Singapore.

One North Business Park Located at Clementi and Buona Vista

The park’s main aim was to create a knowledge-based economy and a global talent hub. It also aimed at creating a community where all the locals could work and live together in one particular area itself. It is also known as the best science hub located in Singapore. Along with the government agencies, certain private sector companies also help in providing the basic social and recreational facilities to the people working and residing in this park. One North Business Park is located at Clementi near to The Clematis Condo Singapore.

There is a biomedical research and development hub located within the premises of One North which is known as Biopolis. It consists of certain private research organizations and research institutes.

One North Business Park Amenities

The park also houses a fifteen – storey complex known as the Star. It also consists of The Star Performing Arts Centre and Star Vista which is basically a shopping mall.
The infocomm and media research hub located within One North Park is known as the Fusionopolis. It also has research facilities meant for engineering industries as well as physical sciences.
One North park also has a heritage site known as the Rochester Park which consists of various black – and – white colonial bungalows. Rochester Park has now been renovated and converted into the Rochester mall which consists of various lifestyle retail hubs.

Offices at One North Business Park

Altogether, the Biopolis, the Star, Fusionopolis, Rochester Park as well as Rochester mall constitute the entire One North Research and Development Park. One North houses around 200 – hectare development houses with a unique work and live – in environment. The park is a unique integration of educational institutes, lifestyle hubs and residential communities which collaborate with each other for creating an innovative research development hub.

In other words it can be said that One North Research and Development Park brings together science, technology, engineering and media close to the public arena. Over the years, the park has been able to establish itself as an excellent hub of research, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, business as well as educational development. The park along with JTC Corporation has been able to bring together a unique environment based on knowledge related activities with the aim to develop various industrial clusters. Thus, it can be said that One North is an excellent hub for the development of collaboration and creativity among communities as well as industries.