Amenities and Schools Near to Clementi Town

Clementi is a residential town as well as planning area located in easternmost of Singapore’s west region. The town of clement borders Bukit Batok, Bukit Timah, Queenstown, and Jurong East to the North, Northeast, east and west respectively. The town has four constituencies as well as seven neighborhoods labeled from N1 to N7. Most of these neighborhoods have a centralized place where commercial activities are carried out other than the main Town of Clementi.

Clementi Town Amenities and Recreation Centres

The town of clement has numerous recreation centers. It’s home to a complex and modern swimming and sports hall. Youth frequent the mall to play games like table tennis, badminton among others. Also in place is Clementi Stadium which has a capacity of 4,000. Others include clement woods and west coast Park as well as coast recreation center among others.

Clementi town is the epicenter of amenities that make the resident’s livelihoods improved. The city Vibe and Cineplex cinemas offer an opportunity for the youth to experience great entertainment. The town also has shopping malls offering all type of things needed by residents. Shopping malls such as The Clementi, 321 and west coast malls have really transformed resident’s lifestyles.

Clementi Neighbourhood Public Library and MRT Station

The area is well secured due to many security officers in place. It’s home to Singapore’s police Divisional Headquarter. Also, there is a police post located within the Clementi neighborhood.
Other amenities include a public library, MRT Station, Bus terminals among others. The town of Clement homes top rated schools and institutions in Singapore. There is a large number of education facilities offering high-quality education to the residents of Clementi and its neighborhoods. The Clematis is located at Clementi Town at Jalan Lempeng close to Clementi MRT Station.

Schools at Clementi Town Singapore

These schools include Clementi, Nan Hua, Pei Tong, and Qifa primary schools as well as Clement Town, Nan Hua, New Town, Tanglin and Kent Secondary schools among others. There are many tertiary education institutions found in Clementi. They include Singapore and Ngee Ann Polytechnics, Singapore University and National University of Singapore among others. Transportation in the Clementi Town is well connected. The Clementi MRT Station as well as East West MRT Line and services offered by buses from the Clement Main Bus Terminal ease transportation from one part of town to the other and other parts of Singapore.

This has made transportation easy in this town thus making it a good place to live with your family. In other words, The Clementi town is a good place to be. The city is cool and has numerous amenities that will make your livelihood better. There are many shopping centers, world-class learning institutions, and many other goodies. It’s the right time you shift your living place to the town of Clementi.

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